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Mutant documentary: Intervention

Article: Mutant documentary: Intervention

The other night, not unlike Monday nights a-many in the past, I found myself glued to the television, sucked in by a vortex commonly known as Intervention, the television series. Have you watched it? It’s a show about addiction. Beware, you’re liable to become addicted. (And I don’t feel very good about my problem, either, and I think I need help. Where’s my TV show for that?) Watching, I couldn’t help but think about a few colleagues I know in the NY documentary community who’ve begun to direct Intervention. Is this, could this be, is it anything near … documentary?

Well, documentary is a slippery term, as you know, already. Many filmmakers prefer “non fiction film.” Or just plain and simple, “movies.” The Intervention folk wouldn’t dare – they call their thing … a television series. A reality television series.

End of an Era: Now What?

Article: End of an Era: Now What?

Transitioning from a President George W. Bush to President Barack Obama is going to be a huge deal for this country, but Bush is still in office for another two-and-a-half months. In the meantime, we all have the opportunity to practice our ability to transition from chaos and fear to peace-of-mind by taking the proper…