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How do you pitch a reality show?

Article: How do you pitch a reality show?

That’s an easy one: You don’t!

Your chances of getting a show on the air are as slim as those of finding Willie Wonka’s golden ticket in your mail or chomping down on the Hope Diamond in your lo mein.

Oh sure, once in a blue moon an unsolicited pitch can lead to something—but when was the last time you saw a blue moon except for the SMURF movie? I’ve even done pitches with big people—household names, I swear–who actually had development deals with networks, and they went nowhere faster than a BUCKY LARSON sequel!

Application for art reality TV show

Article: Application for art reality TV show

For Frieze Magazine, Jen Dalton created this pitch perfect application (Click here to see the enlargement) for artists interested in being cast for an imagined art-focused reality TV show titled “The Biggest Ego.” In defense of the artists I’m friends and acquaintances with, not a single one fits the narcissist, pedantic stereotype that Jen humorously suggests in the application’s questions. However, this might just mean I actually don’t know enough artists. It does recall the art-focused reality show on Bravo called Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, where artists competed for a $100,000 prize and an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The show was on my pop-radar at the time, but alas did not make my to-do list. However, I did read this essay by Jerry Saltz, one of the show’s judges, that was published in New York Magazine a month after the show’s finale. Saltz writes: