MOCA: the first 30 years

Article: MOCA: the first 30 years

Robert Rauschenberg’s “Small Rebus” It seems crazy that MOCA, one of the most important and influential contemporary art museums in the world has only been around for 30 years, and I suppose it speaks to the ingenuity of its founders that it has made such an impact in that time. To celebrate its 30th birthday,…

Superficiality and Superexcrescence

Article: Superficiality and Superexcrescence

An excrescence is a prominent growth, like a goiter. I guess a superexcrescence is a really big one. Less interesting to me than the titles of group shows are the reasons curators cook up for choosing them. I’m sure each of the 13 LA-based artists in this show fit the title “Superficiality and Superexcrescence” in some obscure way, but more important is the fact that Elliott Hundley is one of them.