Festival Insider video: Ice-T on his Sundance dance

Article: Festival Insider video: Ice-T on his Sundance dance

Ice-T is a rapper, actor and now…documentary director. And guess what? He stopped by Sundance Channel HQ (sans Coco, unfortunately) to drop some knowledge on his directorial debut SOMETHING FROM NOTHING: THE ART OF RAP. And while he maybe a superstar, it was important for Ice-T to keep this project indie. Check out what he has to say on why Hollywood couldn’t tell this story:

Vintage photo of Jay-Z during his hard knock life days

Article: Vintage photo of Jay-Z during his hard knock life days

I’m really digging this pre-Reasonable Doubt photo by Jayson James Zeigfeld of Jay-Z snapped before he became JAY-Z and back when it looked the rapper still had 99 problems.

Eco-rap emerging as educational, empowerment tool for San Francisco youth

Article: Eco-rap emerging as educational, empowerment tool for San Francisco youth

Try explaining climate change to young people in terms of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, or the dangers of toxic wastes by focusing on water sheds… chances are they’ll be checking their phones, if not dozing off, in a matter of minutes. Now imagine these same concepts being addressed by rappers from the neighborhoods these kids come from… you’ll likely see more enthusiasm for the topics.


Article: ALIENS rap

Like Arnold in their previous effort, The Anomolies (previously) are back.This time, they apply their considerable skills to the science fiction classic thriller ALIENS where these lyricists engage in a 10 minute rapping tour de force which explains the movie’s plot.

50 Cent featuring Susan Boyle, not Lil' Kim

Article: 50 Cent featuring Susan Boyle, not Lil' Kim

Hip-hop stars rush at the chance to collaborate. You pick up a rap album and it seems almost always to be a duet disc with guest vocalists appearing on multiple tracks. Pop stars caught on to this craze too. Trying to gain street cred and a younger audience, performers as diverse as Madonna, Beyonce, and Maroon 5 have enlisted the guest hip-hop performer to appear on their discs. Hell, I even think Wyclef Jean and Kanye West have been on more records for others than on their own songs.

Sesame Street raps

Article: Sesame Street raps

The video of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie spliced to look as though they were rapping M.O.P’s popular hit “Ante Up” became a global viral hit with over 4 million views on YouTube. I mean, you really haven’t lived until you’ve seen this puppet (are they or aren’t they) couple boast: Things that we need,…

Beatbox hip hop medley

Article: Beatbox hip hop medley

Brett Domino and Scott Peavis, two of the Brett Domino Trio, nerdify Hip Hop by performing this medley of rap classics such as “Rappers Delight” and “Jump Around.” They are using the Stylophone beatbox, which reproduces sounds that were originally created, not by a computer, but by a MAN, or less dramatically, beatboxing champ, MC…

Kanye West glows in the dark

Article: Kanye West glows in the dark

Love him or hate him, one thing is for certain: you’ve talked about Kanye West this year. He’s the arrogant buffoon who bullied a teen girl in front of millions. He’s the rap star who at the top of his game turned his back on hip-hop’s school of thought and made a techno-pop album where he sings. He’s remarkably annoying.

Music video: Uffie, "Pop the Glock"

Article: Music video: Uffie, "Pop the Glock"

American-born, French rapper and singer Uffie recently debuted her first music video for her catchy song “Pop the Glock.” If the song sounds familiar it might be because it received some attention when it first came out in 2006, but even three years later (eons in Internet time or “hella old” as one YouTube commentor…

Blitz the Ambassador

Article: Blitz the Ambassador

I’ve been watching on repeat lately the music video for Brooklyn rapper Blitz the Ambassador’s single “Breathe” from his new album Stereotype, an iTunes Hip-Hop top ten chart (without label support! Dang, someone sign him UP! ). Before moving to the States for college at Kent State University, Blitz’s musical style was strongly informed and influenced by his experience growing up in Ghana surrounded by the sounds of Afro-Beat and Highlife, as well as playing djembe in drum circles. Speaking of style, if “Breathe” is any indication, he’s got that and then some. The music video and the sound, backed by his band Embassy Ensemble, is brimming with head-nodding, shoulder-shaking, foot-tapping energy.

Blitz recently composed the original score to the PBS documentary, BRONX PRINCESS, which chronicles a Bronx-bred teenager, Rocky Otoo’s journey from New York City to Ghana to reunite with her chief father.

Beef on the internet

Article: Beef on the internet

The New York Times today ran an interesting story on an old topic: beef between rappers in the hip-hop community. The article focuses on Joe Budden, a new school rapper, and Raekwon, a 90s rap relic, famous for being a member of Wu-Tang Clan. Budden has built a following, and a means of attack, via the…

White conservatives can't rap

Article: White conservatives can't rap

A couple of young conservatives put together this rap video to “promote constructive debate and tolerance”: [via Talking Points Memo.]