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Steve Carrell's farewell cake

Article: Steve Carrell's farewell cake

Rainn Wilson blogged (sidebar: kind of tech-y awesome that he uses Posterous…) a photo of this sweet and fitting farewell cake NBC gave Steve Carrell at his going away party (as we all sadly know this is his last season on The Office). As Rainn tweeted to mark the moment: “…And the angels of comedy…

Rainn Wilson tweets for LACMA

Article: Rainn Wilson tweets for LACMA

In an effort to broaden their reach, LACMA has enlisted the twittering service of Rainn Wilson, whose own Twitter feed is one of the most popular on the site. His campaign is called “I HATE LACMA” and includes tweets like “LACMA isn’t nearly as cool as the African American museum down the street, BLACMA,” and “My new sculpture is displayed in the 2nd floor mens room. It’s made of feces and shaped like a big poo.”

HESHER: a textbook of indie-film blunders and cliches.

Article: HESHER: a textbook of indie-film blunders and cliches.

I’m reluctant to add to what I suspect will be a critical pile-on against HESHER, at least based on the reactions after yesterday’s mobbed premiere at the Eccles Theater. But I’ll call it out only because its problems seem to be symptomatic. Despite its appealing cast, Spencer Susser’s HESHER is not just familiar in its failings but weirdly comprehensive, practically a textbook of indie-film blunders and cliches.

This is the kind of movie, all too common among rookie directors, that is so enamored of its cute concept — in this case, anarchist as grief therapist — that it never bothers to develop or explore that concept, or even test its basic plausibility.