Dude it's cool, he's ethnic

Article: Dude it's cool, he's ethnic

You know what, stereotypes are damn funny, and so is making fun of celebrities. The difference here is that one type of humor jabs at an individual, while the other just panders to the most basic, simplest choices of social signifiers, like skin color or eyelids for a quick laugh. Never mind diet.

Then there’s the issue of authority and license, and proprietary humor, and all that jazz. We still play up stereotypes. They’re just delivered by people deemed acceptable to kid around with the material, those we’ve entrusted to re-appropriate the humor, striping much of the tension away so everyone can laugh. Thank god one of them is Fred Armisen, the Portlandia guy who does a wicked Obama impression on SNL.

The REAL stuff white people like

Article: The REAL stuff white people like

StuffWhitePeopleLike (TED Conference? World Cup? Picking their own fruit? Genius!) is one of our favorite blogs in the universe — seriously, it ranks right up there with FAILblog, even if it’s a bit of a one-note joke (but every time we leave it be for a few months, we go back and are reminded of its utter brilliance). Anyway, the dating site OKCupid, on its surprisingly fascinating OKTrends blog, decided to throw caution (not to mention fears of pandering to racist stereotypes) to the wind and examine the real stuff white people like… as well as the stuff that Asians, blacks, and Latinos like. They did this simply by parsing the data on all the personal ads in their system. The concept is both clever as well as a little bit stomach-turning.