Joe said what?! Take the ALL ON THE LINE quiz!

Article: Joe said what?! Take the ALL ON THE LINE quiz!

Think you’ve heard all of Joe Zee’s legendary one-liners? Then sign in to Facebook and take Joe Zee’s Tough Love Quiz! Don’t worry, we’ve provided plenty of help in video form so you can watch Joe dish it out to designers in need of a little kick in the you-know-what. Try for the perfect score and share your results with your friends!

Green Porno Quiz Widget

Article: Green Porno Quiz Widget

Embed Sundance Channel’s new Green Porno Quiz Widget on your web and social networking pages and your friends will be able to discover which green porno stars they are without ever having to leave your site. Grab the widget now and start Green Pornicating!

Greenporno Quiz

Article: Greenporno Quiz

Living on planet earth is not the only thing that human beings share with animals. We also share the need to procreate. In most species, making little ones often entails various types of courtship rituals. Discover what kind of animal courtship most closely matches your particular style of romance in the Greenporno Quiz. The Greenporno…