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What Not to Do at Night

Article: What Not to Do at Night

Yesterday, I wrote that Main Street on Thursday night was sure to be “vitalized.” My bad. It was … not dead exactly, but probably would have passed for an average weekend night here during spring break.

13 Ways Of Looking At Sundance

Article: 13 Ways Of Looking At Sundance

While everyone talks about the Sundance Film Festival, anyone who has been here quickly realizes that there are many festivals, or, at least, many ways of looking at it.

Just as Wallace Stevens found “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird [www.writing.upenn.edu],” here are 13 perspectives on the festival.

Lounge Lizards

Article: Lounge Lizards

During the 10 days of Sundance, Park City seems to go lounge crazy. “Lounge” is the buzz word for a highly, perhaps overly, designed space (usually off main street) with pleasant amenities that push a particular corporate brand or organizational initiative. While the more private lounges offer high-end schwag for visiting celebrities, the more pedestrian offer other gifts. The Airborne [www.airbornehealth.com] lounge provides plenty of anti-cold tablets, as well as when it is crowded, plenty of germs. The Delta [biz.yahoo.com] Lounge unfortunately does not offer airplane tickets. AOL-Cyber lounge, one of the more airline-influenced architectural spaces, gives you internet access…