Seduce Me


SEDUCE ME gets queer

SEDUCE ME gets queer


Crossing an iconic actress, who has always fallen far outside the Hollywood norm, with the concept of animal mating habits sounds like tricky business. But like most genius things in this world, on paper they may first seem strange. Unimaginable. Downright odd.

And that was what I thought when I first heard of GREEN PORNO, Isabella Rossellini’s opus of animal sex shorts. Since renamed SEDUCE ME, a much more PG choice, nothing has changed. It is still a wonderful and educational trip into biology as art. Rossellini deadpans as a spider or a deer and even tackles Noah and his arc in the new season, premiering today. And while I adore the simplicity of the paper costumes and sets and laugh at Isabella’s spot-on acting (not too serious, but serious enough for, you know, a biology lesson), there is one thing I am super excited about in this season: it got really queer!