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Top 10 standout historical women

Article: Top 10 standout historical women

There’s nothing we love more than a woman who is willing to take a chance and do something frigging unbelievable. The following list examines women in history who’ve had gigantic lady-balls big enough to spar with even the toughest of men — and win. They’ve done everything from rule nations to fly planes to question authority at the risk of losing their lives. These women have faced adversity greater than some of us may ever know, but they’ve always come out on top and they continue to inspire. And if Aung San Suu Kyi or Indira Gandhi are any sort of example, maybe one day we’ll actually see our first female American president. Or maybe we’ll have to keep fighting for that one until that mythical glass ceiling shatters into a million tiny pieces. Feeling moved by these daring women? You’ll be just as amazed watching four new daring women in history on PUSH GIRLS, where disabilities stop no woman.

Karl Lagerfeld's next gig: Taking on Queen Elizabeth

Article: Karl Lagerfeld's next gig: Taking on Queen Elizabeth

Karl Lagerfeld has decided that he is done entertaining the masses with his brand of elitism and Teutonic quips in printed news. It’s time he go for the jugular. And why not, what other lines are left for him to cross? So when France’s state channel asked him to return as a guest commentator covering Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee (celebrating sixty years on the throne) he gladly accepted. Please keep Sunday, June 3 open. You wont want to miss this.

Queen Elizabeth's kinetic mosaic portrait

Article: Queen Elizabeth's kinetic mosaic portrait

Content is Queen from Sergio Albiac on Vimeo.

Barcelona-based artist Sergio Albiac created this digital kinetic mosaic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II titled “Content is Queen” by incorporating popular videos from the Internet. The artist explains: