How Will Shortz edits a "New York Times" crossword

Article: How Will Shortz edits a "New York Times" crossword

Will Shortz, the editor of The New York Times crosswords since 1993, explains his thought process behind editing a crossword, using a submission by crossword veteran Elizabeth Gorski as an example. Aside from holding one of the most interesting jobs in the world, his background is unsurprisingly also super fascinating: he’s believed to be the world’s only known person to hold a degree in enigmatology, which he received from Indiana University. This piece is a real treat for all you fans of crosswords, especially of The New York Times editions.

Puzzle collage

Article: Puzzle collage

Kent Rogowski’s “Love=Love” is a series of perfectly aligned landscape collages formed using puzzle pieces from over 40 store-bought puzzles. The artist explains: “Although puzzle pieces are unique and can only fit into one place within a puzzle they are interchangeable within a brand.” View more at the artist website.