Ventriloquy gets a hand in new doc

Article: Ventriloquy gets a hand in new doc

Mel Gibson in The Beaver isn’t the only dysfunctional person with his hand up a puppet these days. The new documentary Dumbstruck has five of them—and they’re all rather likable despite the way they tend to mess up their human relations in favor of bonding with the playthings that have become their lifeline and livelihood.

The ventriloquists are extremely varied—from entry level to hugely successful—but they all seem to follow a certain pattern: they have all had loneliness issues. They find comfort in their puppets, even if they have constant one-upmanship debates with them. And they usually have to deal with disapproval from relatives who’d way prefer that they settle down with actual humans.

How to make puppets with Jim Henson

Article: How to make puppets with Jim Henson

Before Sesame Street, Jim Henson was on Iowa Public Television in 1969 showing viewers and children how to make puppets from everyday simple items like tennis balls, socks, spoons, and cups. I think what’s even more remarkable in this 15 minute segment is how quickly these homely and basic puppets are imbued with a unique…

Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Article: Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Named after the engineering company Robert Rolston’s father worked for, Quintron began as a solo percussion act, but while touring his first album he met master puppeteer Miss Pussycat at her venue Passycat Caverns in New Orleans. They joined forces and toured the southwest, stopping in Las Vegas to get married before heading back to New Orleans to open The Spellcaster Lodge in their basement in the Ninth Ward.