Is eco-friendly the casual footwear of choice this Fall?

Article: Is eco-friendly the casual footwear of choice this Fall?

For years, the environmental impact of your sneakers was handled almost exclusively on the back end. Programs like Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe still collect those worn, stinky sneaks and turn them into products ranging from play court surfaces to soles for more shoes. While the company that spent much of the 90s getting hammered for its poor responsibility record has led the way in these efforts, others shoe makers are following suit – and even taking some more innovative steps…

Green tech finds, 9/22/11

Article: Green tech finds, 9/22/11

Roads that charge your electric car, biofuel from orange peels, and sucking CO2 out of the air – your green tech finds for the week.

Look out, Volt! The plug-in Prius is here: Car hackers have been converting the Toyota Prius into a plug-in hybrid (like the Chevy Volt) for years. The Japanese automaker has finally gotten in on the trend and released a plug-in version of its popular hybrid for the 2012 model year. That’s it above. (via Greenwala)

Charge your electric car while driving it: The concept of “electrified roadways” that could charge electric vehicles while they’re moving has been around for decades, and Japanese researchers may have now come up with a viable model. “Electrified metal plates are buried under roads, which ‘up-convert’ energy via a radio frequency to a steel belt inside a car’s tires, as well as to a plate sitting above the tire.” (via smartplanet and @greenamericatv)

Green tech finds (6/30/11)

Article: Green tech finds (6/30/11)

A car designed by teenagers that gets nearly 2000 mpg, white roofs for New York City, and how your DVR is jacking up your electric bill… this week’s green tech finds.

Puma’s “clever little bag” is biodegradeable: We mentioned Puma’s alternative to the shoe box back in April of 2010; PSFK reports that the bags will also be compostable (or, if you’re impatient, they’ll dissolve in water in a few minutes). (via Environmental Leader)
The 2000 mpg car? OK, not quite… this design by students at Kingdown School in Warminster, UK got a mere 1,980 mpg. That was more than enough for it to win the Mileage Marathon Challenge at Mallory Park track near Leicester. (via Inhabitat)

Global Passions for Football and Biodiversity Harnessed for Life

Article: Global Passions for Football and Biodiversity Harnessed for Life

The world of international championship football and the world of biodiversity conservation are coming together this year in a partnership announced Wednesday by the German sport lifestyle shoe and clothing company PUMA and the United Nations Environment Programme.

Sneaker souls

Article: Sneaker souls

Last week NPR’s show All Things Considered reported about the on-going feud between Adidas and Puma, two German shoe makers and mega brands, that put their differences aside for one day in honor of peace. The companies were founded by brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, who after a falling out after World War II, went separate…