Pushy Publicists and Fisticuffs

Article: Pushy Publicists and Fisticuffs

The last noteworthy fight out of Sundance can be read about in any book or magazine timeline that charts the fest’s history. Harvey Weinstein came to blows with producer Jonathan Taplin over “Shine.” That fight was about an acquisition. Harvey was pissed because someone else acquired the film.

The Festival's Favorite Son with No Name

Article: The Festival's Favorite Son with No Name

The Festival has something of the miraculous about it. Not only is the orchestration of so many screenings and events in so many venues a marvel but it occurred to me that, having picked movies in a fairly random fashion,

I have seen encountered a diverse bunch of films and filmmakers. Black, white, Asian, Latino, gay, straight. For that to happen by no design at all is impressive.

Who You Calling Wack?

Article: Who You Calling Wack?

The honchos at Sony Pictures Classics may not be the most popular guys at Sundance. Michael Barker and Tom Bernard are not known for whipping out bulging wallets to buy and when they do make a deal, some say they don’t send movies into the world with a big enough push. But if some at Sundance have issues with Bernard, he has some issues with Sundance.