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Fighting for space

Article: Fighting for space

This graphic visualization posted by the Daily Dish depicts the amount of street space taken up by different modes of transportation–bicycle, car, and bus–per person. As this demonstrates, cars are not only a crime against the environment but one could argue, also against the availability of the urban public space, which is so crucial to…

Creative bus stops

Article: Creative bus stops

Stop! Check out these fun and creative bus stop designs from around the world. While these are certainly neat, all I want are bus stops that give me a digital read of when the next bus is coming. This shouldn’t be too hard to ask considering we live in the twenty-first century aka the future.

Fold 'N Go With Folding Bicycles

Article: Fold 'N Go With Folding Bicycles

TreeHugger has to be careful to contain itself when we get started talking about transportation by bicycle; in a perfect green world, everybody would do it, every day, and we think both the world and us as inhabitants would be better off for it. The world isn’t exactly a perfect one, sadly, and there are…