Prop 8

The Gr8 Debate

Article: The Gr8 Debate

Photo by Jennifer Morrow, used under a Creative Commons license.

No one gets a crowd to mingle and chatter better than the Gays, stereotypes be damned. So when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Proposition 8 was just a hate monger of a bill that looked to treat a section of tax paying Americans and their families as second class citizens, the bull horns and boutique hand soap boxes came out of the closet faster than the freshman class of High School for the Performing Arts. Everyone got to talking, tweeting, instagramming, and expressing them selves in anyway they felt prudent.

Devin and Glenn get married

Article: Devin and Glenn get married

Devin & Glenn – watch more funny videos Gays are normal people. We fall in love. We have passionate sex. We settle down. We tire of one another. Yes, it happens to us too, people. In the above film, featuring Justin Long (The Mac guy) and Mike White, the couple do what many couples do:…

Hot girls, man-cleavage and the awe-inducing Celine Rattray

Article: Hot girls, man-cleavage and the awe-inducing Celine Rattray

Paula Froelich and Celine Rattray, producer of THE ROMANTICS

Is it terribly wrong that I find Lyle Lovett insanely awesome and hot? So the other night I finally got to hang with my pal Celine Rattray, who produced THE ROMANTICS and another flick here. Fun Fact: Celine started her career at HBO and then started Plum Pictures with her pal Gault Niederhoffer (whose daddy Jimmy was in foreign exchange and blew up the Thai Baht in the 90’s) and other friend Daniella – they kicked ass and now Celine is leaving to partner with Peter Fricking Guber. I mean – that’s amazing. (Gault will focus on directing now and not sure what Daniella is doing. I mean – I don’t even know her last name, so…). Celine always makes me feel like I need to revise my 5 year plan. (which currently consists of curing Karl Froelich the wonder dachshund of his grudge-pooping habit, nursing my liver back to life and trying to avoid turning into a complete stereotype).

So Celine and I decide to catch up, get a drink before hitting the Variety party at the St. Regis at Deer Valley.