Perverse "Twilight" merch

Article: Perverse "Twilight" merch

From the “why didn’t we think of that?” department: Salon recently put together a slide show of the strangest “Twilight Saga” merchandise out there — most of it disturbingly sexual, especially considering how little sex there is in the series (and what sex there is, as you probably know, is utterly disappointing). There are condoms…

Best condom tagline ever: "You can't wait to get it on"

Article: Best condom tagline ever: "You can't wait to get it on"

Trojan Fire & Ice – Kinda Like a Thrill Ride from Raymond Forbes on Vimeo. We just saw this awesome condom TV commercial from Trojan the other day. We’re not necessarily endorsing the product, just the ad. First of all, the tagline “You can’t wait to get it on”? Genius. How has this not been…

The best period commercial, period

Article: The best period commercial, period

We saw this fantastic ad for a new line of period products called U from Kotex while we were watching American Idol the other day. (We can admit this viewing habit without shame because in the same week we watched the 13-and-a-half-hour, black-and-white German film “White Ribbon,” which pretty much balances things out.) Anyway, the commercial makes fun of all the stupid things most period product ads employ — beach scenes, slo mo, white spandex, blue liquid. So we did some more investigative work, and found two other awesome spots (heh heh) from U: in one, respondents taking a Rorschach Test do everything in their power to avoid saying “vulva” or “vagina”; in the other, a clueless boyfriend tries to get help in the feminine protection aisle (the lady who says “It’s a man’s world” is our new hero!). We’re not convinced the hip packaging will make menstrual products seem cool, but we’re sold on U’s marketing mission: helping girls (and society) get over their embarrassment and squeamishness about something so normal and natural — and that’s not just periods, but anatomy too.

Mad Men Barbies

Article: Mad Men Barbies

Mattel is set to release four new Barbies ($75 each!) based on characters from Mad Men this coming July to coincide with the start of the show’s fourth season. There’s main character Don Drapper and his soulless wife Betty, company head Roger Sterling and his one-time mistress and office manager extraordinaire, Joan Holloway. While Mattel chose to leave out the “inappropriate,” sinful accessories like martinis, packs of Lucky Strike, and silk panties in suit pockets that are ever-present on the show, it’s still a bold choice for the company to celebrate such a debauched group of alcoholic adulterers. But then again, Barbie was created in 1959, right around the time Mad Men takes place — a time when women were expected to simply look pretty and shut up, make a nice home, and expect their husbands to cheat. So maybe this licensing agreement is not so bold, maybe it’s just eerily perfect.

Green products for your home: which ones really work?

Article: Green products for your home: which ones really work?

If you’re thinking about any kind of home improvement or renovation, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the array of “green” choices out there. Paints, appliances, building materials, decor items… there are lots of products claiming green cred.

Of course, longevity is one of the key elements of product sustainability, so you need paints, appliances, building materials and decor items to work… and to work for your lifestyle. Architect and LEED AP Maia Kumari Gilman has a post up at that provides an overview of some of the products she’s worked with, and which ones she really likes (and doesn’t). Among the winners:

It's the (next) holiday season: Valentine's Day gift ideas for kinksters

Article: It's the (next) holiday season: Valentine's Day gift ideas for kinksters

Since we’ve got the post holiday blues, we’re just going to jump right into the next holiday season: Valentine’s Day! (Stop your groaning — we’re helping make sure it doesn’t sneak up on you like it always does so you’re not stuck without a decent token of affection for your sweetie come Feb 14th.) The…

Jingle balls!

Article: Jingle balls!

Smartballs by Fun Factory That warm, fuzzy feeling you get from the holiday season can be experienced any time of year really (at least by the ladies) thanks to Smartballs, vaginal balls-within-balls that rotate fast and steadily with pelvic movement to help improve PC muscle strength and sensitivity — the lazy way of doing your…

Suntrica's solar charger: not just cool and wearable

Article: Suntrica's solar charger: not just cool and wearable

If you follow green gadgets at all, you may have already heard of Finland-based Suntrica’s solar-powered charger for personal electronics. Numerous blogs wrote about the company and its products last May after the company won second place in the CTIA’s E-Tech Awards’ “Green – Consumer Hardware” category, and nearly all framed Suntrica’s solar chargers as cool, cutting-edge, green consumer technology.
After listening to a presentation today from company VP of Sales Kenneth J. Jönsson as part of the Finnfacts cleantech blogger tour, I realized the company was meeting one of its marketing goals — receiving recognition from consumers with green values. That’s great… and I’ll definitely enjoy using the charger Suntrica gave to me. But I was even more intrigued by some of the other markets for which the company wanted to create value.

The "Vulva Love Lovely" Etsy store

Article: The "Vulva Love Lovely" Etsy store

If the news we reported recently about Betty Dodson’s Genital Art Gallery being forced offline really got you down, here’s something to brighten your day: There’s an Etsy retailer called Vulva Love Lovely dedicated exclusively to women’s genital and reproductive artsy craftsy thingies. We’re fans of the more lighthearted, graphical stuff: the little cartoon uterus…

New product: Trojan Ecstasy condoms

Article: New product: Trojan Ecstasy condoms

Since we were extolling the virtues of condoms the other day (in light of all the withdrawal hub-bub), we wanted to talk about a new brand on the market. While we often automatically dismiss Trojans as your basic, quintessential (i.e. unexciting) condom, they’ve actually been making real efforts to compete with some of the more revolutionary fits, textures and shapes available today. So we asked Condomania’s CEO, Adam Glickman, what was up with their most recent make, Trojan Ecstasy (read on for a special discount link):

When did the Trojan Ecstasy line hit the market?
Just in the past few months.

Is it designed to feel better for him or for her, or both?
They are designed to feel better for both men and women, although the big benefit really does come for the guys.

"TheyFit" condoms — first come, first served

Article: "TheyFit" condoms — first come, first served

TheyFit Condoms were the first sized-to-fit condoms available a few years back. (Before ordering, you actually needed to use their Fit Kit™ to measure “the Johnson in question.”) It was a revolutionary idea, but then they mysteriously disappeared from the market. Now they’re back at Condomania for a limited time, so we asked their CEO Adam Glickman what was up…

Let's play a game: sexy, sick or stupid?

Article: Let's play a game: sexy, sick or stupid?

photo: from Babeland’s Hello Kitty Vibrator Contest

Here’s a round-up of some new sex-related swag available. We’ll let you decide which category each falls into:

Babeland and Goodvibes are now carrying the old Hello Kitty “neck massager.” (Babeland’s also holding an adorable — or adorably twisted — Hello Kitty Vibe Photo Contest through September of this year.)

Knocked-up and nerdy?

Article: Knocked-up and nerdy?

Then this is the shirt for you! Thinkgeek is pushing this $23 T with the following promotional copy that’s so geeky even we’re not sure what most of it means:

Cruelty-free, lactose-intolerant condoms

Article: Cruelty-free, lactose-intolerant condoms

Being a vegan is hard sometimes: going out to restaurants with friends makes you as high maintenance as Meg Ryan in WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, stand-up comedy is usually not a career option, and finding a condom made without animal by-products like milk protein is damn near impossible. Thank goodness for Glyde Condoms, then —…

Sex sells…anything

Article: Sex sells…anything

Pubic hair dinner plate by Ana Mir This collection of 32 unnecessarily naughty products proves that any product you can possibly think of can be made X-rated. We understand the market for gimmicky bachelor and bachelorette party favors, but sexy stained glass and cookie jars? Now that’s just plain wrong. Is nothing sacred anymore? And…

Don't be caught dead reading that

Article: Don't be caught dead reading that

photo: Clever Covers You read the New York Times weekend edition cover to cover; you spice up cocktail party conversation by quoting Proust and Kant; you adore obscure indie shorts on You’re an intellectual who never shies away from metaphysical debates or multi-syllabic words. BUT…you’ve got a deep dark secret:  you’re addicted to trashy…