Presidents and the first pitch

Article: Presidents and the first pitch

We’re about a month into the 2012 Major League Baseball season, which has been as disappointing so far as my beloved Red Sox (yes, the rumors are true…this die-hard Knicks fan and NYC fanboy bleeds the same red that Curt Schilling gave during our historic World Series run). My boys are sitting not-so-pretty in last place in their division. That annoyance aside, the start of another baseball season means yet another year of witnessing various VIPs, celebrities, and honored guests demonstrating their inability to properly throw a baseball 60 feet (Exhibit A). Presidents are also a part of this sports ritual. It started in 1910 when a paunchy William Howard Taft tossed out a ceremonial first pitch from the stands on the Washington Senators’ Opening Day (ceremonial first pitches were not originally tossed from the mound). The headline in the Washington Post the next day was, “TAFT TOSSES BALL. Crowd Cheers President’s Fine Delivery of the Sphere.” This might be the classiest headline ever written for a sports game.

Politics Matter When It Comes To Protecting Nature

Article: Politics Matter When It Comes To Protecting Nature

Get involved in this election season of 2008, you can truly make a difference in the environment based on who you put into office. Barack Obama has studied the Washington D.C. politics of environmentalism and he concluded that the Bush Administration has weakened environmental regulations considerably through administrative orders. The scary thing about this fact…