President Obama, the birthday cake giver

Article: President Obama, the birthday cake giver

“Commander-in-Chief,” “POTUS,” “Mr. President,” “Leader of the Free World,” “Yes We Can-er,” and “Cool Dude” are among the more familiar titles on President Obama’s business cards, but did you know he also goes by “Mr. Birthday Cake Giver?” Bon Appétit compiled a delicious photo gallery of pictures snapped by White House chief photographer Pete Souza of the President presenting birthday cakes (and the occasional candlelit cupcake) to various people, which is apparently a bit of a tradition. These socialist pastry ceremonies have taken place from everywhere from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Camp David to Air Force One. This blog entry at Obama Foodorama (brilliant name) has a comprehensive write-up on this presidential gesture as well as the context behind some of the photos. The best photo, of course, is this one (below) of President Obama scolding Vice President Biden for dropping crumbs in the Oval Office. Bad Biden! Bad!

I will transmit the info of your sexy to Validimir, Mr. Obama

Article: I will transmit the info of your sexy to Validimir, Mr. Obama

It’s been a rough week for President Obama. First, he had a hot mic moment while bantering with outgoing Russian finger puppet, I mean president, Dmitry Medvedev. Then, to add insult to injury, it turns out genealogist, and Megadeth frontman, Dave Mustaine has proven our commander-in-chief was not even born in the United States! It’s OK, Barry. Plenty of people still love you. In fact, plenty of people acknowledge that you are sexy and you know it, as exemplified in the video above. Who cares about what that miniature horse collector thinks?

What politicians are really saying

Article: What politicians are really saying

Just when Mitt Romney thinks he finally bested Santorum and sent him off packing to a dark hole, but like a bad itch that Romney just can’t seem to get rid of, Santorum keeps coming back as evident by his wins on Tuesday last week in the GOP presidential primaries in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado (Romeny won Florida and Nevada). And recently according to two national polls (here’s the boilerplate caveat about the reliability of polls blah blah blah) Santorum has pulled even with Romney. The downside to Santorum’s ongoing popularity is that it reminds me that there are people that actually agree with his odious social policy agenda and beliefs. The upside is that his relevance provides material for the comedic corners of the blogosphere. Among my favorites comes from the funny lip-dubbing people at Bad Lip Reading. They’re so bad that they’re so good. Like the video above of Santorum, these geniuses add their own carefully synched but gibberish speech to various national politicians’ political ads (here is Romney’s). Oddly enough, the gobbledygook words make more sense to me than some of the originals.

What you remembered about the State of the Union

Article: What you remembered about the State of the Union

Immediately after President Obama’s State of the Union address, NPR asked its listeners to describe his speech in just three words, which were all then compiled and put into Wordle, a fun word cloud generator. NPR received responses from over 4,000 people and the result above is a graphic representation of how in tuna people…

President Obama, furniture mover

Article: President Obama, furniture mover

There are lots of great images in the just-posted Flickr set by White House photographer Pete Souza, but this is my favorite: In preparation for a meeting about the economic recovery plan, President Obama and Vermont governor Jim Douglas shift a couch in the Oval Office. The set is filled with lots of casual, revealing…