Collection of Occupy movement posters

Article: Collection of Occupy movement posters

If you plan on heading to an Occupy protest in your local hometown and want to wave a message that’s a step up from the crude signs made from pizza boxes and random flattened bits of cardboard (or like the one that Anne Hathaway was spotted carrying recently) then head on over to Occuprint. It’s a well produced online resource that “showcases posters from the worldwide Occupy movement” and “is meant to connect people with this work, and provide a base of support for print-related media within the Occupy movement.”

20 iconic musicians' clothing

Article: 20 iconic musicians' clothing

Can you identify all 20 iconic musicians in the latest poster from Moxy Creative? You can also get posters of each individual outfit. I also like their poster of famous eyeglass frames. [Via]

Movie review in rock poster format

Article: Movie review in rock poster format

For Iranian-born Canadian Eileen Yaghoobian’s documentary DIED YOUNG, STAYED PRETTY about the “underground poster culture” that “examines the creative spirit that drives these indie graphic artists,” cartoonist and writer Ward Sutton illustrates his review in a poster format for the Village Voice. [Via]