Aluminum baking tray portraits

Article: Aluminum baking tray portraits

Idan Friedman’s “Profiles Project” series spoofs a familiar method of memorializing notables and the distinguished by instead embossing portraits of close friends to the local grocer as commemorated above on decidedly disposable cooking and baking aluminum trays. [Via]

What's in your bag?

Article: What's in your bag?

Photographer Jason Travis’ “Persona” is a voyeuristic collection of Atlanta residents and the stuff in their bags. Now I understand why some guys and gals lug around such large bags and purses. Aside from the simple interestingness of this project, viewing his series is even more enjoyable for the volume of attractive people Jason photographed.…

Cara Phillips, Ultraviolet Beauties

Article: Cara Phillips, Ultraviolet Beauties

Those of us living in New York City do not seem to have to worry ourselves about the negative impact of prolonged sun exposure on our skin this summer thanks to the seemingly unprecedented streak of rainy and cloudy weather as of late. Nonetheless I’m mesmerized by Cara Phillips’ series of portraits using ultraviolet photography…