Tang and adult diapers – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

Article: Tang and adult diapers – 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

When I was significantly younger, I dreamt of being an astronaut. Like most stupid kids, it was probably because I thought the space suit looked awesome or that the only training for becoming an astronaut was playing with monkeys, eating green pixie sticks and being quick with a measured “out of this world” joke at cocktail parties. Regardless, my dream was baseless and without merit. Until one day, probably right around the time hair was showing up in new places, I learned that astronauts got all the free Tang they wanted. Was it really possible? As much Tang as I wanted? My stupid childhood yearnings now seemed erudite, the dream was alive. Then, I learned that Tang was a drink, and once again, astronauts were just boring adults who wore diapers…

Pig knuckles and chicken feathers

Article: Pig knuckles and chicken feathers

The whole hog: a batch of pig ears ready for the fryer. Watch LUDO BITES AMERICA every Tuesday at 9P More savory wit from our featured food blogger Diana Hossfeld, who writes the food blog Diana Takes a Bite. Pig knuckles and chicken feathers. These were my mother’s favorite scary stories when my brothers and I were…