Top 10 things to sneak into a movie

Article: Top 10 things to sneak into a movie

Photo credit: Wahlander (Flickr)

Sneaking things into a movie is as American as having a fireworks show on top of a monster truck with Springsteen playing from an eight-track on July 4th in a really old film about freedom. That probably has something to do with the bizarre micro-economy of movie theaters, a place where soda and popcorn are very precious and priced accordingly, and 99-cent candy costs 8 bucks.

High speed video of popcorn popping

Article: High speed video of popcorn popping

I’m a proponent of anything in high speed videography, especially when it involves my favorite movie theater snack (after Raisinets of course). [Via]

Product Service Systems

Article: Product Service Systems

We at TreeHugger are a huge fans of the Product Service System, better known to some as PSS. Though the name is easy to trip over, the concept is brilliant: rather than buying everything you need outright, you can essentially “lease” or “rent” a product, deriving benefit from its service but not retaining ownership. That…