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Wearable art

Article: Wearable art

Fashion line The Rodnik Band has an entertaining couture collection of dresses and outfits directly inspired by famous pop artists and their artwork. Only dissonance here is the disturbing subtext of the dress using Duchamp’s urinal… [Via]

I paint dead people

Article: I paint dead people

Don Florence is back with a new show at boltax.gallery on Shelter Island. Called “Good-bye,” this exhibit features paintings of people recently dead, both the famous and forgotten. The author states “I don’t think it’s morbid at all, I find the obituaries informative, filled with details and really inspiring.” Florence’s style has always been a…

Brooklyn Museum's giant Andy Warhol piñata

Article: Brooklyn Museum's giant Andy Warhol piñata

The centerpiece for the Brooklyn Museum’s annual ball on April 22 is a ginormous 20-foot tall piñata of pop art pioneer Andy Warhol’s face, which is currently on display in the museum’s Rubin Pavilion. This fantastic concept was created by Jennifer Rubell whose “interactive food journey” installation will be featured during the event. Guests will…

Too Good: Studio TooGood's egg shop

Article: Too Good: Studio TooGood's egg shop

I am obsessed and eggstatic about Studio TooGood’s and Arabeschi di Latte’s new collaboration. The Hatch is a conceptual art space created for London Design Festival that scrambles together pop art and eggs. Yes, an art installation that serves egg dishes to designeratti? Brilliant.

Scouting Partners and Spade

Article: Scouting Partners and Spade

What if Pop Art held a garage sale? The answer of what that would look like can be found tucked away on quiet Great Jones Street in Manhattan. Andy Spade (of Jack Spade fame) opened a shop, a hybrid really between an art gallery and a retail store, earlier this year. I finally stopped by the shop, Partners & Spade and walked away greatly amused by its offerings: an eccentric and often humorous collection of obscure bric-a-brac tucked away in drawers (scorpion lollipops) to relevant artifacts of our crazy times (Lehman Brothers branded onesies titled “Vulture Tchotchkes”).

I took some photos of a few items there that amused me.