New outfit for Mary Jane

Article: New outfit for Mary Jane

The discourse around the legalization of marijuana has moved from away from the fringe lately. The public is increasingly in favor of legalizing pot, and even veteran police officers bluntly argue in The Washington Post that a smarter drug policy would actually help protect cops as well, as it “would quickly eliminate the greatest threat…

Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey on the Moon"

Article: Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey on the Moon"

A friend of mine recently posted this sharp and witty poem on his blog in between his busy days working on his MD/PhD in biomolecular chemistry. Like him, I was surprised by my unfamiliarity with what Slate called “one of the one of the finest, funniest protests ever recorded.”

Obama: this joke's on you

Article: Obama: this joke's on you

The Los Angeles Times has caught up with the artist responsible for those Obama/Joker posters popping up around your local healthcare town hall. And shockingly, he’s not a Republican. He’s a Kucinich supporter.

First Ladies showing some skin

Article: First Ladies showing some skin

This morning’s Today Show had Matt Lauer discussing Michelle Obama’s legs and the appropriateness of the First Lady wearing shorts. Yes, sadly, this is news. But wait a minute Mr. Newscaster. Mrs. Obama is not the first First Lady to show some skin. Some have shown even more.

Why We Need a Bold New Vision for Preserving Our Nation's Wilderness

Article: Why We Need a Bold New Vision for Preserving Our Nation's Wilderness

I have welcomed several promising signs coming out of the Obama Administration, from the president’s push for clean energy to Interior Secretary Salazar’s efforts to block oil and gas leasing near some of Utah’s most stunning landscapes. But there is still something I am waiting to see: a bold new vision for preserving America’s wilderness.…

Naked News (07-27-09)

Article: Naked News (07-27-09)

photo via Alessio85 The Berlusconi sex tapes leave us totally torn: On the one hand, what a sleazebag! On the other hand, it’s kind of sweet how he encourages the escort to masturbate more in order to improve her sex life… French women might not get fat, but these days they don’t go topless on…

Iran: Open Letter to the Sundance Community

Article: Iran: Open Letter to the Sundance Community

This weekend, Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat, a Sundance Institute Artist Trustee, sat at our annual Board Retreat and described in terrifying detail a situation we all know about, but perhaps not in enough detail. Among many others recently arrested in Iran’s post-election demonstrations are Iranian artists, journalists, filmmakers and human rights leaders, including some filmmakers…

Naked News (06-29-09)

Article: Naked News (06-29-09)

photo by Lee Coursey

The New York Times reports that, Mark Sanford and Jon & Kate notwithstanding, the institution of marriage has become more resilient in recent years, not less so. In fact, after Sanford’s confession-slash-lecture-on-sin last week, we wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to take credit for single-handedly strengthening the institution of marriage. Whadda guy.
AlterNet rates the greatest GOP sex scandals of the past 20 years. Meanwhile, “hiking the Applachian Trail” wins our award for best euphemism of the year.

Get more Naked News action from Em and Lo…!

New meme alert!

Article: New meme alert!

Along with playing a useful role in sociopolitical upheavals, Twitter also seems to be fertile grounds for the development of memes, such as this latest one involving Michigan Representative Pete Hoekstra after he tweeted the following specious comment: “Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House.” It’s similar, except not at all. Having tossed this giant softball in the cyber air, Twitterers started taking the proverbial swing at him. Talking Points Memo collected some of the home runs…

National fist bump day

Article: National fist bump day

Today marks the one year anniversary of Barack Obama greeting his wife Michelle with a gesture that rocked the traditional political establishment and the mainstream media. The Washington Post called it “the fist bump heard ’round the world” and to commemorate that occasion, today has been designated National Fist Bump Day. Oh yeah, then-Senator Barack…

White conservatives can't rap

Article: White conservatives can't rap

A couple of young conservatives put together this rap video to “promote constructive debate and tolerance”: [via Talking Points Memo.]

Rebranding America

Article: Rebranding America

Paper Magazine asked 15 leading “visual communicators…to create original advertising concepts that could redefine our country’s image” for their annual design issue, themed “Home Sweet Home.” I have chosen a stellar list of my favorite mavericks (you are one!) and invited you all to create a visual page —as if it was an ad— for…

Republicans as clowns

Article: Republicans as clowns

A liberal coulrophobia’s worst nightmare: Notable republicans painted as clowns. This one is particularly frightening. [Via]

President Obama, furniture mover

Article: President Obama, furniture mover

There are lots of great images in the just-posted Flickr set by White House photographer Pete Souza, but this is my favorite: In preparation for a meeting about the economic recovery plan, President Obama and Vermont governor Jim Douglas shift a couch in the Oval Office. The set is filled with lots of casual, revealing…

What's the Matter With Kansas is now a film

Article: What's the Matter With Kansas is now a film

Thomas Frank’s What’s the Matter With Kansas was one of the smartest and most provocative books to appear during the George W. Bush presidency. Kansas, the author’s home state, tended to vote Democratic until a few decades ago, when Republican strategists started figuring out how to exploit social issues for electoral gain. According to Frank,…

Gay marriage: be afraid, be very afraid

Article: Gay marriage: be afraid, be very afraid

It’s this kind of thing — a new, totally rad T-shirt logo from Wordboner — that scares the bejeezus out of homophobes like the National Organization for Marriage. So frightened are they of an imaginary army of gay soldiers forcing them into a life of sodomy that they put together this gem of fear-tactic propaganda…

Gay marriage — all the cool kids are doing it

Article: Gay marriage — all the cool kids are doing it

photo by Maxintosh Love must really be in the spring air this week: not one, but two states have legalized gay marriage in less than 7 days! Last Friday it was Iowa, and just this past Tuesday it was Vermont.  That brings the grand total of cool states dedicated to marriage equality up to four,…

Who knew Iowa was so cool?

Article: Who knew Iowa was so cool?

photo by Kables When you think of Iowa, what do you think of? Corn, perhaps. FIELD OF DREAMS. The cornfields in FIELD OF DREAMS. Famous Iowan natives named “Wood,” like American Gothic painter Grant Wood and that adorable little hobbit, Elijah Wood. Admit it: if you were to play a word association game with Iowa,…