Top 10 national sex scandals

Article: Top 10 national sex scandals

Sex scandals are as American as (sticking your wiener in an) apple pie — or should we say your Anthony Weiner? The really unforgettable scandals leave us with a particular phrase or image burned into our brains. We could be a hundred years old and senile and we will still be able to recall Lorena Bobbitt tossing her husband’s penis out the car window; Clarence Thomas asking Anita Hill about a pubic hair on a coke can; and an astronaut driving hundreds of miles in a diaper to confront the lover who spurned her. Here are our nominations for the top ten sex scandals in this nation’s glorious history, organized by the categories in which these events most often seem to occur. God bless (or should we say God save) America!

That Weiner-Spitzer-Clinton Look

Article: That Weiner-Spitzer-Clinton Look

On Thursday June 16, Representative Anthony D. Weiner resigned following “revelations of his lewd online exchanges with women.” In the firestorm leading up to this decision, the NY Times analyzed the now-familiar above pictured emotion expressed by politicians at their mea culpa.