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Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful!

Article: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful!

Sarah Palin is driving “liberal feminists” crazy because she is “attractive,” “competent” and “very happy,” according to Bill Bennet and McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis. On Bennet’s radio show [www.youtube.com] yesterday, together, the two guys finally cracked the code on the frustration coming from women on the left: DAVIS: It’s a threat to them. These…

A Disgrace

Article: A Disgrace

Finally someone has come out and exposed something that has recently been on the minds of countless women throughout the world: Sarah Palin is a “disgrace to women” [afp.google.com] It took a foreigner—French actress and activist, Brigitte Bardot—however, to proclaim it publicly. Her decry of the Republican vice-presidential candidate has been syndicated throughout the globe,…