More remixed music from Pogo

Article: More remixed music from Pogo

Previously mentioned artist Pogo née Nick Bertke is back with another in his popular series of remixed ambient songs created by incorporating sounds from Disney and Pixar films. His latest, “Bloom” is made from various Disney films with the chord sampled from “A.I: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” and the harp sound from SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Pogo's SNOW WHITE music remix

Article: Pogo's SNOW WHITE music remix

Pogo aka Nick Bertke is a favorite at here at SunFiltered (previously) for his ambient electro-pop musical creations built from the sounds of popular classic movies. In case you missed it, here’s his recent one using Disney’s SNOW WHITE.

Pogo stick art

Article: Pogo stick art

Pogoism – painting with pogo sticks! from artstartgrant on Vimeo. This promo video for the Australian Council for the Arts is a fun demonstration that combines exercise, a popular childhood toy, and art as two artists bounce around using a pogo (like a kangaroo?) dipped in paint on a large canvas.

Pogo goes "Up"

Article: Pogo goes "Up"

Pogo (previously discussed), noted for his previous remixes of classic movies into electronic music, is back and this time applies his talent to one of my favorite movies of 2009, UP. I particularly liked what happens at around the 1:30 mark. Speaking of UP, the Internet collectively lost its mind over this amazing Russell costume.…

Remixed hook

Article: Remixed hook

Pogo is back (previously) and is causing quite a stir online again with his latest electronic interpretation, this time using Spielberg’s childhood classic take on Peter Pan, HOOK. This Australian is really carving out quite a niche for himself on the Internets.

Magical remixed "house" of Disney

Article: Magical remixed "house" of Disney

Aussie “Pogo” is creating a bit of buzz on the Internet with his electronica music video remixes of old classic Disney songs. I’m absolutely loving his most recent effort, “Expialidocious” from MARY POPPINS. Be sure to check out his other remixes at his YouTube page.