Concepts to Like: Downloadable Design

Article: Concepts to Like: Downloadable Design

Offering a synergy for design, global talent and local materials, downloadable design is a concept TreeHugger can really get behind. We’ve touched on this idea before [], but it certainly deserves more attention; after all, we live in a download-happy, digital world, so there’s no reason why we can’t extend that beyond downloading pictures from…

Bent Ply: The Best of Both Worlds

Article: Bent Ply: The Best of Both Worlds

So far this week we’ve been chatting up cork as a great sustainable material, which it is, when used correctly and enjoyed in moderation. Of course, materials use isn’t all there is to sustainable design or engaging in green behavior or buying green stuff; production methods and the way things are built play a big…

Flat-Packing Furniture

Article: Flat-Packing Furniture

We noted yesterday that design — that is, products like furniture and architecture — that packs flat makes a lot of sense, and is generally a better way to do things. It requires fewer resources to manufacture and produce, is more space-efficient for shipping and allows for quick ‘n easy modularity, for when you’re on…