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BAG IT: when plastics get personal

Article: BAG IT: when plastics get personal

Bag It Intro from Suzan Beraza on Vimeo.

After watching the trailer above, you may well have already characterized BAG IT as another activist documentary that does that Micheal Moore thing of setting an “everyman” out on a journey of exploration, learning and that final “ah ha” moment. And to some degree, you’d be right. Jeb Berrier (the face of the film) describes himself as an “average American,” one who doesn’t give a lot of thought to the impact of his consumption choices. You may think “Okay, I know where this is going,” and again, you’d be half right.

While director Suzan Beraza does follow in Berrier’s footsteps much like a Moore or a Morgan Spurlock follow in their own, she allows room for the journey to take whatever twists and turns come up…

Plastic bag monster invades Slovenia

Article: Plastic bag monster invades Slovenia

The concept of a “plastic bag monster” isn’t completely new — reusable bag companies Blue Avocado and Chico Bags (above) have both created monstrous characters out of disposable shopping bags to represent the environmental damage created by these ubiquitous items. Slovenian artist/designer The Miha Artnak has expanded the concept literally with a plastic bag monster entitled Lovka na lovce, or “The Tackle of the Tentacle,” that extends through the streets of capital city Ljubljana.

China Bans Free Plastic Bags

Article: China Bans Free Plastic Bags

BEIJING, China, January 10, 2008 (ENS) – The government of China has ordered a ban on the production, sale and use of ultra-thin bags as of June 1. Supermarkets and shops will be banned from giving free plastic bags to customers as of that date, but they can sell the plastic bags. In a circular…