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Can Environmentalism Be Fun?

Article: Can Environmentalism Be Fun?

Environmentalism may be necessary to the survival of life on planet Earth but does it have to be so boring? Many people are desperately trying to create an answer of “no” to this question, but delivering hilarious jokes about cow farts and bad breath that changes the climate can be challenging. After a little bit…

Greenporno Quiz

Article: Greenporno Quiz

Discover what kind of animal courtship most closely matches your particular style of romance in the Greenporno Quiz.

This Week on THE GREEN

Article: This Week on THE GREEN

BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET: BUILD Building is an important part of the green movement. Some things can be rebuilt into eco-friendly places while others have to be made from scratch in order to obtain LEED certification. Recently, Kodak Film has demolished old factories and have started building new, hi-tech factories in their place.…

The Eco-mmunity Map Needs Your Help

Article: The Eco-mmunity Map Needs Your Help

Sundance Channel’s Eco-mmunity Map is now a few weeks old. The process of bringing this environmental reform tool into existence was long and arduous. While a rest might be nice, the clock is ticking on planet earth and more must be done to improve the Map. All of the Sundance Channel employees who have worked…