Review Revue: ABRAHAM LINCOLN hunted by Woody Allen

Article: Review Revue: ABRAHAM LINCOLN hunted by Woody Allen

Going to the movies should never, ever be stressful (unless, of course, you’re planning on seeing the latest Lars von Trier flick). You want to see something new and relevant so that you can talk it up with your know-it-all friends. But you don’t want to sit through the one film that everyone thought would be great, but…isn’t. So here is our formula, simplifying the should-you-see-it conundrum:
5 new releases x 2 critical samplings = what you should go see.
Simple enough, right? This week we have a vamp-killing president, Woody Allen still on vacation, apocalyptic lovers, a Pixar princess and a few political upstarts.

Remembering Steve Jobs: 6 reasons why he rocked

Article: Remembering Steve Jobs: 6 reasons why he rocked

Steve Jobs’ death has inspired an outpouring of grief and impromptu tributes from all over the world (among our favorites: MintDigital’s portrait rendered in motherboards and the Sad Mac homepage on The Oatmeal). Here, a six-item salute to what made him amazing.

Digital 3D film from 1972

Article: Digital 3D film from 1972

40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics (Pixar, 1972) from Robby Ingebretsen on Vimeo. The geeks and AV club’s tables at the Internet’s cafeteria went agog over this recently unearthed gem: a 6-minute film from 1972 that might arguably be the first celluloid example of digital 3-D rendered images back when such technology was rudimentary at…

More remixed music from Pogo

Article: More remixed music from Pogo

Previously mentioned artist Pogo née Nick Bertke is back with another in his popular series of remixed ambient songs created by incorporating sounds from Disney and Pixar films. His latest, “Bloom” is made from various Disney films with the chord sampled from “A.I: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” and the harp sound from SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Pixar director Lee Unkrich on 1987 game show

Article: Pixar director Lee Unkrich on 1987 game show

From the Internet time capsule is this episode of Win, Lose, or Draw in 1987, with one of the contestants being Lee Unkrich wearing an amazing sweater that out-Cosbys Bill Cosby’s sweaters. At the time of the show, as he explains, Lee was an aspiring applicant to USC’s film program. He seemed pretty confident in…

For NatGeo, things are looking UP

Article: For NatGeo, things are looking UP

Let’s start the weekend on an UP note with the National Geographic Channel’s brightly colored balloon launch. Inspired by the premise of the 2009 Pixar film UP, the makers of the NatGeo series “How Hard Can It Be?” decided to see whether it was possible and what it would take to launch a house into the air with the aid of only a bundle of balloons. Usually things exist in animation because they’re impossible to achieve in real life, but as you can see in the pictures the balloon launch was successful.

Pixar cast reunion for Vanity Fair

Article: Pixar cast reunion for Vanity Fair

To accompany a recent spotlight in Vanity Fair of Pixar, the powerhouse animation studio produced this reunion picture of all alumni of Pixar films. The image was inspired by J. R. Eyerman’s iconic photograph of moviegoers watching a 3D film. Pixar’s Bob Pauley and Guido Quaroni discuss the challenges of composing this picture from getting the tone (“They don’t live in the same world, so we had to achieve this without making our teeth hurt.”) to the technical scale right.

Pogo goes "Up"

Article: Pogo goes "Up"

Pogo (previously discussed), noted for his previous remixes of classic movies into electronic music, is back and this time applies his talent to one of my favorite movies of 2009, UP. I particularly liked what happens at around the 1:30 mark. Speaking of UP, the Internet collectively lost its mind over this amazing Russell costume.…