HAPPY FEET TWO: King of the ensemble film

Article: HAPPY FEET TWO: King of the ensemble film

Folks, we’ve got a number of ensemble films out at the moment – big casts with big names. One, J.C. Chandor’s MARGIN CALL, a first feature that attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood, surprised even the most cynical of cinephiles. That’s a no-no in most industry circles, the prevailing wisdom being, “a new director just can’t attract the talent.” Go J.C. Chandor! Bring us back to the 90s! Other ensembles recently in theatres include TOWER HEIST and…HAPPY FEET TWO, which I would argue is the most ensemble-y of them all…

The pink bunker

Article: The pink bunker

A Barcelona-based group of subversive art-activists, Difusor took it upon themselves to give a decaying bunker from the Spanish Civil War era a face lift with pink camouflage. Rumor has it that Hello Kitty may be moving its operations there. View more photos of the bunker here. [Via]