Boxsal – the compostable picnic

Article: Boxsal – the compostable picnic

Last week Gilt Groupe had a sale on the fashionably recyclable picnic boxes made by Boxsal. Or wait, was it Gilt Home or Gilt Taste? Oh, who can keep track anymore. Unlike most Gilt deals, the sale didn’t actually save buyers any money – the picnic boxes still go for $25 on their own website, but at the price who’s complaining? No, the “sale” was really more of a promotion and, well, it worked.

Boxsal, which calls its products “part Oscar de la Renta, part Oscar Meyer,” claims to be “bringing the picnic back into fashion,” and with recyclable cardboard picnic boxes available in three different designs (see images below), it just might.

Simplifying Earth Day 2011: Picnic for the Planet

Article: Simplifying Earth Day 2011: Picnic for the Planet

The first Earth Day in 1970 centered on political activism. In recent years, the event often mirrors something closer to a combination of a state fair and a trade show. Nothing wrong with that: these events likely bring out a much more diverse mix of people than the earliest gatherings. At the same time, current Earth Day celebrations tend to focus on the celebration… even if directly connecting with the natural world gets moved down the list of priorities.