Behind-the-scenes from famous movies

Article: Behind-the-scenes from famous movies

It was practically impossible for me to decide which single photo to feature in this post from this gallery of behind-the-scene photographs from famous and iconic movies, because they are all so fantastic. Since you are all classy, informed, and educated, I figured you would most appreciate the one above from the seminal film METROPOLIS.

Around the world in 2,000 pictures

Article: Around the world in 2,000 pictures

Shot over just 24 days, Alex Profit stitched together 2,000 snapshots for this video which takes the viewer on a journey though Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and London aka the best vacation ever. All these cities are on my bucket list of places to visit and I’m embarrassed to say…

Fellini rides a low rider bike

Article: Fellini rides a low rider bike

“Rides a Bike” is one of my favorite single serve Tumblr sites that updates with vintage photographs of stars and celebrities of days of yore on bicycles, such as director Federico Fellini rocking a low rider bike. Add this site to your RSS or bookmarks for your weekly bit of whimsy. I can’t wait for…

2010 in The Big Picture

Article: 2010 in The Big Picture

A tremendous sinkhole caused by the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Agatha in Guatemala City was estimated to be 30 meters wide and over 60 meters deep. As the sinkhole formed, it swallowed a clothing factory about three miles from the site of a similar sinkhole three years earlier. The clothing factory had closed only…

Young Me Now Me

Article: Young Me Now Me

There’s a popular website Young Me Now Me devoted to a meme where people submit photos of their now grown-up selves in the same pose as a photo from their youth. It’s generally a touching juxtaposition, but one Redditor took this meme to a disturbing place. He explains how it came about: Mom: Merry Christmas!…

Vintage photos from past NYC Marathons

Article: Vintage photos from past NYC Marathons

Browse online the New York Public Library’s collection of photos from past NYC Marathons, such as the above image which was taken on 1st Avenue between 76th and 77th Streets at the 1979 race. No iPods, no Foursquare check-ins, and no silly costumes. [Via]

Sketchy Santas

Article: Sketchy Santas

On one end of the spectrum or pole you have a warm and kindhearted Kris Kringle. And then there are Sketchy Santas. Check out the website for a collection of user submitted photographs of creepy Santas freaking out kids.

On this day: the Northeast Blackout of 2003

Article: On this day: the Northeast Blackout of 2003

Photo by James Estrin On this day in 2003 beginning at approximately 4:15 in the afternoon, the greater Northeast region of the United States and Ontario, Canada experienced an epic blackout. I was in New York City living and working in Midtown at the time and the Blackout of 2003 will always remain one of…

Map of US built from geo-tags

Article: Map of US built from geo-tags

Click on image to enlarge. A research paper (pdf) out of Cornell University, written by David Crandall, Lars Backstrom, Daniel Huttenlocher and Jon Kleinberg, created the above map of the US by using geotagged photos uploaded by Flickr users. As their abstract explains: Our approach combines content analysis based on text tags and image data…