Greener consumption: the using what's available edition

Article: Greener consumption: the using what's available edition

What do you do with stuff when its reached the end of its useful life? Usually we trash it, but there’s probably still some kind of use left in it. From take-out containers to phone booths, here are some product ideas that make use of that “garbage.”

Green tech finds (11/11/10)

Article: Green tech finds (11/11/10)

Weird green tech (not!), vertical farming for real, and a new entry into the electric vehicles race… your green tech finds for the week.

Rural electrification = solar in the Philippines: The country’s Department of Energy is taking bids to provide solar systems to four regions of the country not connected to the electrical grid.
Weird tech?: Newsweek has a slide show up titled “Eco Oddities”… but are wave power, algae-based biofuels, and “poop to power” (among others) really that unusual anymore?

Rolex presents THE YOUNG LAUREATES: Reese Fernandez

Article: Rolex presents THE YOUNG LAUREATES: Reese Fernandez

Reese holds a handwoven bag from the Rags2Riches program.
More than 12,000 families live among the hazards of Manila’s Payatas waste dump. When Reese Fernandez learned that women who earned a living there making rugs from scraps were being exploited by middlemen, she was provoked to act. In 2007 Fernandez co-founded Rags2Riches, which organized the women of Payatas and arranged for them to sell their products directly to retailers. More recently Fernandez and her team consulted designers and found methods of transforming the rugs into fashion handbags, eyeglass cases, wine bottle holders, and other products fit for sale in top end shops. Rags2Riches employs 300 women in Payatas, some of whom are now its partial owners. In addition to 40% of the retail price of each item, the women receive health insurance and training in personal finance and nutrition.

A fitting tribute

Article: A fitting tribute

Since Michael Jackson’s death last week the King of Pop’s fans have shown respect in a myriad of ways. This video has to be the most unique, and if you think about it, the most fitting. 1500 inmates in the Philippines paying tribute to the fallen pop star. This isn’t their first Jackson performance. Take…