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ORGASM INC will raise a stink

Article: ORGASM INC will raise a stink

I probably know less about female orgasms than anyone on the planet—even former boy band members–but Liz Canner knows a lot about them, even more than pharmaceutical companies do.

In fact, when she took on a job editing erotic videos for such a company’s drug trials in their attempt to market a female Viagra, Canner’s intellectual G spot was awakened and she realized the bizarre situation she’d landed in needed to be a documentary.

The strongly executed result, Orgasm Inc, is an alarming look at the way big business tries to manipulate the public by creating diseases, then marketing the supposed cure.

On the eve of the film’s February 11 opening in New York and Chicago (before it goes to L.A. and DVD), I spoke with Canner about her orgasmic achievement.

Who Owns The Water?

Article: Who Owns The Water?

The Secret Water Crisis By Thomas M. Kostigen Mr. Kostigen strives to educate people about environmental issues through his numerous books. He has kindly focused his environmental enthusiasm around a political issue important to all human beings. We hope you enjoy and please make sure to check out the links at the bottom of this…