This week's top 5 trending videos: Animal style

Article: This week's top 5 trending videos: Animal style

This week’s edition is a special, animal style (not to be confused with the delicious burger from In-N-Out) edition filled with the top 5 trending YouTube videos starring some of your favorite creatures that have been getting passed around the Internets. Warning: You may experience cute overload.

5. Matt Ufford goes backstage at the Westminster Dog Show and attempts to pet each and every one of the 185 breeds represented at this annual show.

Green (and quirky) pet products

Article: Green (and quirky) pet products

We pet people can be particular about the products we purchase for our furry (or feathered or scaly) friends. We not only want products that work, but that also make our pets happy and comfortable. So, when the team at Quirky works with a concept for a better retractable dog leash tonight, dog owners might want to take a look – and keep an eye out for the Kosoku leash at your favorite pet supply store.

Porn for women (must love dogs)

Article: Porn for women (must love dogs)

Don’t worry, no pets were harmed (or diddled) in the making of this porn. The Men and Their Dogs blog is exactly what it sounds like: photos of men with their dogs — making kissy faces, taking bubble baths together, or just being emo-artsy. Kind of like those Porn for Women and Porn for New…

Award-winning photograph of 6 year old swimming with his pet shark

Article: Award-winning photograph of 6 year old swimming with his pet shark

Photographer James Morgan snapped this remarkable photo of six-year-old Enal having a blast in the ocean waters below his family’s “stilted house in Wangi, Indonesia” with his PET SHARK. If that isn’t the look of pure childhood joy then I don’t know what is.

Green pet beds as artwork

Article: Green pet beds as artwork

Got a dog? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve also got a bed for the pooch… that’s purely functional. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but it’s probably a bit of an eyesore… especially if you keep it in a public area of your home.

When William Chen and his wife Deb got their new pug puppy Momo, they decided they weren’t going to settle for the status quo on dog beds… and set out to design something that worked for the puppy as well as their aesthetic and green sensibilities. The end result: P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You), a company focused on making stylish, eco-friendly pet beds.