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Revitalizing the mentor

Article: Revitalizing the mentor

History is filled with stories of inspiring mentor-protégé relationships, from XX and the painters Camille Pissaro and Paul Cezanne to fictional accounts like Don Pedro and Claudio in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Mentorships are a time-tested way to for an artist to develop their vision and their craft. They, traditionally, give someone time learn, grow and create under the watchful eye of someone who has already blazed a trail.

Rolex is dedicating to reviving the tradition of mentorship by pairing young, promising artists with leaders in their fields. It’s easy to see what the protégés have to gain. They get a year of time to learn from their mentors. But, a truely successful mentor-protégé relationship benefits both parties. As we take a look back at the results of these exciting relationships, let’s take a look at what some of the Rolex Arts Initiative mentors have gotten out of their year collaboration:

A year of discovery: Rolex mentor and protégé Peter Sellars & Maya Zbib

Article: A year of discovery: Rolex mentor and protégé Peter Sellars & Maya Zbib

Peter Sellars and Maya Zbib shared a year and circumnavigated the globe. The enfant terrible of the American stage is best known for his contemporary treatments of classical plays, including an industrial take on King Lear, and his groundbreaking direction of new operas. Both Sellars and his Rolex Arts Initiative protégé, Lebanese actor, writer and director Maya Zbib, believe that theater can do much more than entertain. They agree that it is an agent for social change. To emphasize this point, Sellars brought Zbib to the Congo. She brought him to Beirut.

Theatre: still putting asses in seats

Article: Theatre: still putting asses in seats

The Public Theatre‘s website was impossible to access on Monday. Here’s why: Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays Iago to John Oritz‘s Othello in an upcoming production. Perhaps the way to sell theatre tickets nowadays is to stud the cast with celebrities. When a BAM volunteer tried to sell me a membership over the phone recently,…