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The Speedo makes a comeback

Article: The Speedo makes a comeback

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at that iconic image of the bikini-clad woman sudsing up a muscle car or rollerskating along the boardwalk, then have we got two videos for you. First, the high budget one: LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” As our writer friend Grant Stoddard recently put it in a Facebook post, never before has banana sling been so explicitly celebrated in a music video – it’s shot in a way that gives the illusion of three-dimensionality, if you know what we mean. (Best line of the song? The chorus refrain “I work out.”) Yes, it’s funny and tongue in cheek, and yet the high production value gives it a weight that makes it feel like genuine equal-opportunity objectification.

Dipping Your Toe in the Car Pool

Article: Dipping Your Toe in the Car Pool

Personal transportation is an oft-discussed topic at TreeHugger, and while the methods and ideas often differ, we can all come to the same conclusion: driving by yourself is a pretty inefficient way to get around. So, even if you can’t drive an electric car [] or fuel up with biofuels [], there’s something everyone can…