Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Article: Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Named after the engineering company Robert Rolston’s father worked for, Quintron began as a solo percussion act, but while touring his first album he met master puppeteer Miss Pussycat at her venue Passycat Caverns in New Orleans. They joined forces and toured the southwest, stopping in Las Vegas to get married before heading back to New Orleans to open The Spellcaster Lodge in their basement in the Ninth Ward.

Arturo Sandoval – Backstage at Iridium Jazz Club (Part 2)

Article: Arturo Sandoval – Backstage at Iridium Jazz Club (Part 2)

ARTURO SANDOVAL SHAKING THINGS UP ON PERCUSSION BETWEEN SETS WITH ARTURO SANDOVAL (PART 2): caught up with the legendary Cuban-born trumpeter, composer, pianist, percussionist and, yes, scatter (!) between shows at the world-famous Iridium Jazz Club just north of Times Square in New York City this past Saturday night. Be sure to read Part…