Holiday dress advice

Article: Holiday dress advice

December is the month of seemingly an endless parade of holiday parties. For some people deciding what to wear for these events can be a source of stress. If unsure, I recommend as a general policy to err on the side of dressing up as opposed to down or as Oscar Wilde cheekily stated, “You…

Four days with a leopard seal (and some poor penguins)

Article: Four days with a leopard seal (and some poor penguins)

This video clip, of Paul Nicklen’s encounter with a giant leopard seal, is sweet and frightening all at once. Mr. Nicklen, a National Geographic photographer, tells the story of a 4 day meeting with the huge sea-going mammal. The images are shocking. Seals get that big! He stayed in the water! WTF!? But the story is sweet too.…

The other penguin

Article: The other penguin

Gay penguins everywhere must be upset over the news out of San Francisco this week. Harry and Pepper, once a happily coupled gay duo, have split up according to zoo officials. And no, the reason does not seem to be another man. Another woman has gotten between the love birds.