Gifs as art

Article: Gifs as art

It’s good to see the mainstream media (for the sake of this entry let’s all agree that PBS falls under this category) finally get onboard with a topic that I’ve personally and professionally long been a fan of and advocate for: the humble gif image. As I wrote earlier, “GIF images have historically resided in the seedier corners of the Internet, in profiles of message board users and the like, but these looping animated images have started to emerge as a medium of some artistic merit in their own right” (wow, did I just re-quote myself. That is so douche-y!). In the above recent online video segment, PBS examines gifs, “one of the oldest image formats used on the web” and how they’ve evolved into something larger today, something web prognosticators argue can be considered an art form.

Snitches of Downtown Abbey

Article: Snitches of Downtown Abbey

I feel like King Solomon on Sunday nights lately where I have to make the difficult decision as to whether I want to watch some NFL football or the latest pop culture rage (at least in some pastoral corners of the blogosphere). It just so happens to air on PBS, something you don’t hear too often. You know it’s a sensation when the New York Times does a trend piece on it, which they did with a recent article about viewing parties being held for this show. This phenomenon is a British import called Downtown Abbey.