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LOVE LUST – Gimme some air

Article: LOVE LUST – Gimme some air

When Faye Dunaway graced the screen in BONNIE AND CLYDE, you knew you were on the wrong side of the tracks. You got the same feeling once Melanie Griffith took off her black wig in SOMETHING WILD, or when Carrie Anne-Moss confidently strutted in THE MATRIX. These women got what they wanted. Men were around, but our attention and the camera’s gaze were directed on fairer – though not necessarily gentler – sex. Muscles and guns, stubble and sneers are a dime a dozen. Watching a woman break the rules, and make her own, is a breath of fresh air. In short, bad girls are oxygen.

Hay! It’s a Sundance Film Festival LGBTQ round up!

Article: Hay! It’s a Sundance Film Festival LGBTQ round up!

It’s that time of the year, kids, where Hollywood and its satellite equivalents convene on a small piece of American paradise—Park City, Utah—to peacock around in the latest pieces of après-ski fashion. And also to discuss cinema or film, or whatever’s currant, before they leave. This year’s selections are looking especially intense, with a hot list of LGBTQ films and shorts in the mix. For the past thirty-four years the Sundance Film Festival has been one of the most inviting opportunities for Queer cinema. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s schedule, and place bets as to which one you think will be the next PARIAH.

Legalizing The Gays

Article: Legalizing The Gays

A lot of people think the end of the world is something that will happen abruptly when no one’s expecting it, like a great flood (Katrina), or massive earthquake (there’s a big one yearly—Haiti, Virginia all the way up the east coast—but who’s counting) or even an alien race intent on genocide before plunging the planet’s natural resources. But good social conservatives, and the occasional homophobe, have been seeing the warning signs for decades. Slowly but surely equal rights have been granted to homosexuals in America. Can you believe it? They want to be like everyone else. Here are a few highlights from the past that make this eschatological theory plausible.

The Ricks: Santorum's boy toys & Perry's customary greeting

Article: The Ricks: Santorum's boy toys & Perry's customary greeting

Image credit: Gage Skidmore

Like any good reality show, the 2012 republican primary race is riddled with hypocritical and anachronistic characters that couldn’t be more entertaining if they were scripted. What makes them so buzz worthy is that they believe in a lot of the rhetoric they’re dishing out. But what’s even more mind blowing is they’re really speaking on behalf of their constituents, who in turn will defend the candidate. So color me, and my log cabin, crazy because I recently found out that Rick Santorum has gay men coming to his defense. I don’t really have a log cabin, it was just the obvious reference, but apparently Rick Santorum might.

Hip reads for 2012

Article: Hip reads for 2012

We know it’s hard to invest in a story, play, or essay these days. But with Kindles, Nooks, iPads, old fashion print, and audio books, there are convenient ways to keep your brain stimulated and find time to text. Besides, looking like you care about something other than a video game score during your morning commute totally increases your sexy points in the voyeuristic eyes of fellow passenger. Here’s a list of new releases for 2012 that should keep you current, occupied, and slightly out of reach from all your fans.

Some 2012 resolutions for the gay best friend

Article: Some 2012 resolutions for the gay best friend

So we’re at the start of another year, and we’ve already heard the same resolutions buzzing about: eating better, going back to the gym, tossing out the jeggings. But none of these can put the energy back into a friendship between a woman and her best gay (well, maybe tossing the jeggings). And seeing as this relationship is more solid than say 99% of your other ones, it’s time to get that spark back. Consider some of these BGF relationship resolutions if you need somewhere to start:

Looking for that out NBA player

Article: Looking for that out NBA player

It’s a strange world we live in when TMZ Live is a source for discussions of social progress and political sound bites. I refer to the news, I mean entertainment source, when I want to verify rumors like the untimely demise of Jon Bon Jovi (false!). But when its daily show had Mark Cuban on,…

Now that we’ve found love, what are we gonna do with it?

Article: Now that we’ve found love, what are we gonna do with it?

Ah, the inevitable girl-on-gay-boy crush. Distinguished men, and the trade that love us, recognize this scenario? There’s a party, you’re drinking, you’re best friend—the greatest woman since your mother—is drinking, too. Everyone is having a blast dancing, and tacky jokes keep you laughing. But once you make eye contact everything changes as the hormones responsible for many-a-baby begin to stir in your best girl. You’ve got a crush on your hands, so what are you going to do about it? Coming out of the closet was supposed to have settled all of this. But if you’ve got to deal with it, do it tactfully.

The kids are alright: raising LGBT kids in a world without angst

Article: The kids are alright: raising LGBT kids in a world without angst

The world was touched by the Boston Globe article about a family’s love for their transgender child as they braved unknown challenges that resulted in small but powerful local change, validating budding medical practices, and proving America’s love of family is alive and well. Young people are becoming more honest about their sexuality and identities earlier in life, almost eradicating the rite of passage known as coming out of the closet. The Internet, along with the media’s portrayal of characters that experience this angst-ridden niche, provides a voice to young people drowning in a pool of isolated depression—so thank you, gay-liberal-Hollywood-mafia agenda. Having parents that are brave enough to accept what they do not understand, or never expected, from their children can have a positive effect on everyone involved. This is not an isolated phenomenon, rather a beautiful example of our emo-world in the 21st Century.

A Republican primary style guide

Article: A Republican primary style guide

Art plays an important role in society. It is a cultural mirror, a telling portrayal of some of our more irrational or eccentric tendencies. We appreciate the perspective it provides, but it’s always more entertaining when life imitates art, as was the case with Rick Perry’s latest presidential commercial. Tricky Ricky asserts that openly gay military personnel are the latest abuse of separation of church and state. Meanwhile, he’s dressed as Ennis Del Mar, America’s tragic man crush. Guess Rick went to the loo during the thirty-second guy on guy love scene in Brokeback Mountain. What else could explain his sartorial choice? No matter, the look works for him. Here’s a quick style guide for a few of the other 2012 Republican contenders. Lights, camera, and all that jazz.

Like everyone, Adam Lambert grows up (stylewise)

Article: Like everyone, Adam Lambert grows up (stylewise)

At some point we’ve all been eager to enter a scene bright eyed and bushy tale, usually putting what is thought of as our best foot forward, personality and fashion wise. You’re wearing you’re heart on your sleeve, and your wallet’s pretty empty. Let’s face it, you’re wearing every last dime because not everyone has a powerhouse PR team and the blessing of a celebrity stylist, or designer—let alone both—to balance the enthusiasm of being the new kid on the block with a desire to be a fashion plate, subjected to public scrutiny. Ciao Clay Aiken.

Dropping the T-bomb: Tackling our 'Tranny' problem

Article: Dropping the T-bomb: Tackling our 'Tranny' problem

Poor Kelly Osbourne, losing her fiancé to a transsexual model. And poor Neal Patrick Harris, putting his foot in his mouth co-hosting Live with Kelly, uttering “Tranny” on national television, twice. NPH is a terrific poster child for gay men and Queer America (men had ceded that role to Ellen and Rosie, even Gaga). It seems Ms. Patrick Harris realized using the T-Bomb was in poor taste, and tweeted an apology, maybe because as a gay man he understands how people let hateful words fly absentmindedly. I really felt pity for the gentleman—for Kelly O, things happen.

A holiday gift guide for your best girlfriend

Article: A holiday gift guide for your best girlfriend

The holiday season is a real test of a gentleman’s taste and mettle. While it’s the thought that counts, your best girlfriend has — without a doubt — come to anticipate your gift to them every holiday season. Since we know you’re not one to let her down, here are a few suggestions to keep your favorite lady up to date and the center of attention. Right next to you, of course.

A holiday gift guide for your gay best friend

Article: A holiday gift guide for your gay best friend

Gays have great taste, and to this day we’re not really sure why. Call it an appreciation for detail—or a cunning desire for the best. We like our clothes, toys, and accessories to reflect a sophistication our best lady friends have come to rely on. So what does one get a Gay with impeccable taste? Here are a few suggestions to keep your men in a rarefied class of their own.

Some helpful tips for bringing your GBF to Thanksgiving

Article: Some helpful tips for bringing your GBF to Thanksgiving

The holiday season, at heart, is seizure inducing. Family gatherings, while always well intentioned, usually unravel after one poorly timed drink peppered with an insensitive comment. It’s amazing how a single meal can create a yearlong grudge or cold war. But what usually keeps family members in line is some form of distraction, or the prying eyes of a guest. Bringing along your GBF kills two birds with one stone, as long as you both mind the gap between your personal dynamic and the family’s values. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re grateful to offer you some tips for bringing your GBF to the holiday table (and gracious guest pointers for the boys).

It's not you, it's me: Managing your inner drama queen

Article: It's not you, it's me: Managing your inner drama queen

The fruit never falls too far from the tree, so people naturally absorb behavior from their parents, but also friends. I mean we choose to keep our friends around, why shouldn’t they be as much of an influence? And if we know we’re prone to letting drama queens and their episodes into our world, don’t be shocked to recognize a bit of thespian flair inside you.

Decriminalizing gay: Belize with a 'Z', like Liza

Article: Decriminalizing gay: Belize with a 'Z', like Liza

Before today, the only way Belize was ever topical was when I was discussing chic places to escape winter with my nouveau riche fashion friends. Inevitably the eco-resort off its coast where the petit bourgeois, and Tiger Woods, go to getaway from the drama, came up. But now it seems the former British colony is going to be the test case for progressive politics on a global level as its court prepares to hear an argument to decriminalize homosexuality. Belize is poised to be the Tunisia of a Gay Spring. As if there weren’t a cruising scene in that jungle already.

How To Handle Your Drama Queen

Article: How To Handle Your Drama Queen

Surprise! It looks like we’ve got a Drama Queen on our hands this season.

God Like Us: Loving the Lord Who Loves You

Article: God Like Us: Loving the Lord Who Loves You

I think most Americans grow up as part of some kind of religious community, even if they were raised by hippies on a commune, like Wynona Ryder. Children, however, don’t have a say as to which communities and beliefs they’re exposed to. That’s one of the few perks a parent has. But, as kids get older they realize they are gay, bisexual, two-spirit, Chaz Bono, and start to feel the pressures of dogma on their sensitive backsides. For many of us, it’s the first real challenge of our faith and our faith in our community.

Buckle Up, Bible Belt! Welcome To The Gay South

Article: Buckle Up, Bible Belt! Welcome To The Gay South

Thought you knew everything there was to know about the South? Well, it’s not all cotillion parties and gratuitous displays of your Second Amendment rights, though both are pretty fabulous in their own right. The Nashville cast of GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS is about to show us a kinder, gentler (OK, sometimes bitchier) side to living out and proud in the South.

A Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Relationship Primer

Article: A Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys Relationship Primer

The GWLBWLB objective is to have fun.
Symbiotic relationships have proven successful in the ongoing battle against natural selection. Take, for instance, the Clown Fish and Sea Anemone or the Homosexual Male and his Best Girlfriend. Both bonds persevere thanks to a certain chemistry. For gay men and straight women it may have something to do with their mutual attraction to men (sometimes the same one), but perhaps it’s deeper, as if nature, or some ‘Intelligent Designer,’ thought to create an ideal way for the sexes to coexist.