In France, "You Don't Own Me" is a love song

Article: In France, "You Don't Own Me" is a love song

When I (Em) was in Paris a few months ago, I couldn’t figure out why the bridge behind Notre Dame was covered in thousands of tiny padlocks (plus a few bike locks). They weren’t there when Lo and I visited back in 2004. A quick bit of Googling (thanks to “wee-fee,” as the French call wifi) and I learned that they were “love locks” — a fairly recent tradition wherein couples celebrate their love (and, perhaps, hope to ensure its survival) by affixing a padlock to a romantic bridge and tossing the key into the river below. They might also attach a ribbon to the padlock, or simply adorn it with their initials. When I was there, enterprising young salespeople were selling new padlocks at each end of the bridge in case you were moved to do the same.

Best of London, Milan Fashion Week – now Paris (!!!)

Article: Best of London, Milan Fashion Week – now Paris (!!!)

Fashion week in NY may be a thing of the past, and the designers who showed at London and Milan are now breathing a sigh of post-show relief, but the runways of Paris are just starting to heat up. Paris Fashion Week may just be the most exciting of all, and a daily check-in at Full Frontal Fashion will ensure that you don’t miss a thing….

David Lynch designs a nightclub

Article: David Lynch designs a nightclub

The Club Silencio scene in David Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE (2001) is easily my favorite part of the film. The Spanish version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying Over You” is eerie and breathtaking, and for a moment I feel as if I actually know what’s going on. That said, it’s probably not the first place I’d look when designing a Parisian night club, but then again I’m not David Lynch.

Filling potholes with yarn

Article: Filling potholes with yarn

I’ve previously shared (here, here, here, and here) yarn and knit based forms of street art by different artists. Here’s one more for the roster: Juliana Santacruz Herrera does a civic duty by filling in potholes and gaps in the streets of Paris with colorful strands of yarn. [Via]

In the year 2000

Article: In the year 2000

In 1910, a French artist Villemard painted 24 funny illustrations that forecasts what a 21st century Paris might look like.  In the year 2100, there will be people looking back at our predictions and laughing in the same way. [Via]

Paris versus New York: a tally of two cities

Article: Paris versus New York: a tally of two cities

Paris versus New York is a series of fantastic simplistic graphics by Vahram Muratyan which presents “a friendly visual match” comparing the greatest city in the world and Paris.


Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION highlights

SUNO Resort 2011 collection Prepare to be wowed by SUNO’s stunning prints, check out Oscar de la Renta’s tweed dresses and silk caftans, and preview other inspiring new collections featured in the Resort 2011 Lookbook gallery. Resort lines will be hitting stores this October, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start dreaming of that perfect…

Earth Hour: 5 landmarks that will go dark on Saturday

Article: Earth Hour: 5 landmarks that will go dark on Saturday

On Saturday, March 27th, at 8:30 local time, the lights will go out in millions of homes, businesses, and schools in celebration of Earth Hour 2010. Started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour is now a global event organized by WWF in which people show their support for environmental action by turning off the lights for one hour. This year, 120 countries and territories will take part in this show of solidarity (up from 88 last year).



Think of this as your FULL FRONTAL FASHION cliff notes. Our pick this week in Who_What_Where: Molly, who’s street style is painfully sweet. Tim Burton and Tim Walker team up and give you exactly what you think they would: eerie, beautiful fantasy photos. Lynn Yaeger becomes the ultimate party hopper in a tutu.  But when…

Toy Soldiers

Article: Toy Soldiers

Alta Media Productions casts the tilt-shift effect (previously) on Paris in this video. The title makes sense around the 1 minute mark as the tilt-shift trick gives the neat impression of marching toy soldiers coming alive. Toy Soldiers from Alta Media Productions on Vimeo. [Via]

Sporty in pink

Article: Sporty in pink

I’ve been known to play sports here and there. Tennis or croquet anyone? But I, like many gay men, shy away from typical bar games found to be popular at our straight friend’s watering holes. You know those games: darts, pool, and foosball. So leave it to the gloriously avant garde Parisian retailer Colette to…

Parisian graffiti taxonomy

Article: Parisian graffiti taxonomy

In “Graffiti Taxonomy,” Evan Roth ambitiously photographed and documented over 2,400 graffiti tags from each of Paris’s 20 districts, then archived and categorized them by letter. The artist tackled a smaller scale version as a Parsons graduate student in New York City where he “created character studies of the letter ‘S’ from the Lower East Side and the letter ‘A’ from Harlem, followed by an NYC-based letter ‘E’ study in 2008.”

A Dilettante’s Dispatch: Chanel

Article: A Dilettante’s Dispatch: Chanel

A Dilettante’s Dispatch is a series of posts from a jet-setting friend of ours, Arturo. Watch for more in the coming days.

OMG, I forgot to mention in my last post that I saw Ewan McGregor — my number-one celebrity exception — at L’Eclairuer. Beautiful, and wisely checking out a pair of Rick Owens motorcycle boots. Unfortunately he was with his wife and children, and therefore unlikely to fall prey to my waning charms.

In any event, Chanel. I’m not going to review the fashion, as I’m hardly qualified, and I don’t want to piss anyone off…yet. That said, the clothes at Chanel were quite shiney and elaborate and seemed well positioned to appeal to rich ladies in Texas and Russia. (See if you can spot me in the crowd!)

A Dilettante's Dispatch:  Paris Couture

Article: A Dilettante's Dispatch: Paris Couture

A Dilettante’s Dispatch is a series of posts from a jet-setting friend of ours, Arturo. Watch for more in the coming days.

Just got in to Paris for my first couture, eating a croque monsieur on Charlot, admiring the cute scrawny French boys (though really wanting the fresh, curly haired and slightly brawny youth covering the street in tar).

HIGH LINE STORIES – Putting it together…

Article: HIGH LINE STORIES – Putting it together…

Robert Hammond and Joshua David with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (then New York Senator) on the High Line in 2006 recently caught up with the very busy co-founders of Friends of the High Line, Robert Hammond and Joshua David, whose vision is captured in the Sundance Channel Original Series HIGH LINE STORIES.

In Part 2 of our conversation (click here to read Part 1 if you missed it!) Robert and Josh recount their crash course in preservation, legal action and grass roots organization during their efforts to follow through on re-purposing the High Line.

To Suzanne Valadon on Mother's Day

Article: To Suzanne Valadon on Mother's Day

Just below Sacre Coeur in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris, there is a small blue marker that reads, “Place Suzanne Valadon.” Unknown by name to many Americans, Valadon is instantly recognized by sight as the model for countless paintings by Renoir, Degas and Lautrec.

Jacques Tati turns 102

Article: Jacques Tati turns 102

Paris is turning into Tativille for the 102nd birthday of director Jacques Tati. There will be the requisite film screenings at the Paris Cinematheque, including a new print of M. HULOT’S HOLIDAY, the six-part documentary THE 6 LESSONS OF PROFESSOR GOUDET, and interviews about Tati with contemporary filmmakers including Michel Gondry, Wes Anderson, David Lynch, Otar…