Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

Article: Best places to be gay around the world (photos)

The Gay Rights movement has seen many successes and setbacks over the past twelve months. Sometimes events played out like a romcom, other times like a post-apocalyptic battle for the survival of the entire community. Good or bad, gay pride events around the world were rejuvenated with a political kick that upped the ante for parade goers. Stateside, same-sex wedded couples marched side by side with our nation’s openly gay servicemen and women now that DADT is repealed. Read on to see how Pride went down across the globe:

New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

Article: New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

The Bois and Gurls over at Heritage of Pride felt it appropriate to use the theme “Spread the Love” for New York City’s 43rd annual Gay Pride parade. It was the first parade for New Yorkers since same-sex marriage became legal, which charged the air like it was the summer of love. For the singles in the crowd, it was nothing short of a miracle the way organizers and participants made monogamy look sexy. Check out our full report and more pretty pictures than you can shake a stick at:

Takashi Murakami x Thanksgiving Parade

Article: Takashi Murakami x Thanksgiving Parade

It may be a little too early to think about Thanksgiving for most of us, but Takashi Murakami is busy preparing “Kaikai and Kiki” for their balloon debut at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this year. Kaikai, a childlike character in a rabbit costume, and Kiki, a companion with three eyes and sharp fangs, are examples…



Photo credit: Linda Simpson

Halloween is terrifying! It brings swarms of normally well behaved adults into the streets, where they stomp around oozing pus and looking like ghouls—and some of them aren’t even in costume.

This year, October 31 falls on a Saturday, so the terror alert will be even higher in scary-enough New York City. That’s the night the bridge-and-tunnel people invade Manhattan every week for low-budget thrill seeking, and anyone sane double bolts himself inside his apartment while ritualistically throwing garlic out the window. As a B-and-T person myself (I’m from Brooklyn), I know just how crass and awful these people can be. And when you add vampire fangs and Sarah Palin drag on them—not mutually exclusive motifs, by the way–the effect is even more chilling than the SAW series.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Article: The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

It was an appropriately wet day for Saturday’s Mermaid Parade, but a little rain wasn’t enough to make the bevy of topless mermaids cover up their pasties. It was my first Mermaid Parade, and from the pictures I’ve seen I was under the impression that it would be an endless train of half naked young women, but in fact I’ve never seen more older women wearing less clothing than I did that afternoon. What is it about parades and Halloween that produces this effect on the 50+ club?