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By the Numbers: Recycling

Article: By the Numbers: Recycling

Recycling is one of those behaviors that is so easy that it can seem inconsequential; what’s the difference if you put that one bottle in the trash can instead of the recycle bin, right? Though it might not seem to matter that much, recycling is one of those things whose impact can really be felt…

Designer Spotlight: Danko Design Initiative

Article: Designer Spotlight: Danko Design Initiative

The Danko Design Initiative [] sets a pretty ambitious mission for itself: “to transform the public’s concept of what furniture can be, by demonstrating a deeper understanding of beauty, using environmentally friendly materials, all within an affordable envelope.” No small task, for sure, but Danko manages to deliver on all of these goals with flying…

Green Cleaning

Article: Green Cleaning

With spring in full bloom, along with green gardening [], it’s time for many of us to do a little spring cleaning. As with just about anything that you do at home, there are lots of strategies and ideas for cleaning up without “dirtying” your home (and the planet) with toxic chemicals and substances. Before…