Woody Allen's Chickpea-Sized Soul and Other Sources of Inspiration

Article: Woody Allen's Chickpea-Sized Soul and Other Sources of Inspiration

Cary Fukunaga (SIN NOMBRE) rode the rails with illegal immigrants in Mexico… Sophie Barthes (COLD SOULS) had a dream about Woody Allen and a chickpea in a box… And Cruz Angeles (DON’T LET ME DROWN) overheard a group of Albanian teenagers in New York City cracking jokes about 9/11…

My Final Post on Digital Distribution, I Swear

Article: My Final Post on Digital Distribution, I Swear

A lot of themes have emerged at Sundance this year. The environment. The economy. Noisy gum-chewers.

Composing some Thoughts on Film Music

Article: Composing some Thoughts on Film Music

Someone once said, “Trying to discuss music is like trying to dance about architecture.” Or maybe it was “Talking about music…,” or perhaps “Writing about music…”

AN EDUCATION in Screenwriting

Article: AN EDUCATION in Screenwriting

Writers—of fiction especially—are a notoriously independent lot, for obvious reasons. They’re their own bosses, and the only (living) person they have to consult with, artistically speaking, is their editor. So what happens when a novelist crosses over into an intensely collaborative medium like film?

Cede control over hiring, for starters.

Kristof's Wake-up Call

Article: Kristof's Wake-up Call

Nicholas Kristof and Samantha Power Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times columnist, is a tireless journalist and advocate for human rights around the word. Me? When I attended a conversation featuring Kristof and Samantha Power at 10:30 this morning, I was just plain tired—I blame the party publicists—and not exactly in the mood to hear…

New Media Panels Announced

Article: New Media Panels Announced

Check out the panels and presenters who will be participating in the New Frontier Section of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Panels and personalities after the jump…

Worlds Away: Science And Film

Article: Worlds Away: Science And Film

Yesterday at the Prospector Theater convened “Space, A Guided Tour,” one of the most intellectually expansive panels held this year that dealt with one of most complicated of subjects — the collision of science and cinema. While the panel veered off into all sorts of themes — ranging from medieval magic, teleportation, and Einstein’s time/space paradigms — the participants kept returning to a singular predicament: how do we relate these two very different technologies for re-imagining the universe. Science deploys the tools mathamatical analysis and logic to model our cosmos, while filmmakers use narrative and celluloid…

Turned On: Radio At Sundance

Article: Turned On: Radio At Sundance

Radio came to Park City this festival in a number of ways. Yesterday, in the Panel, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TV: This American Life Reloaded,” NPR radio star Ira Glass joined Director Chris Wilcha [] and cinematographer Adam Beckman [] to discuss the transformation of the This American Life [] from a radio show to a Showtime television series.