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The Ace Hotel gets a blog

Article: The Ace Hotel gets a blog

Ace Hotel x Chris Rubino from Jim Helton on Vimeo. I have written about how much I adore the Ace Hotel here many times before. The chain is just freaking cool. The vibe, energy, design, food. All is spot on, not too overpriced, and a unique experience. It makes total sense then that the hotel…


Article: BUTT TV

I have written here about my love of the Ace Hotel. It is casual yet polished. It can be a wild time, but also peaceful. And it is the hotel with the hottest visitors. Don’t trust me? Check out the Palm Springs pool or the NYC lobby for proof. It is also the gayest hotel…

I left my heart at the Ace Hotel

Article: I left my heart at the Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is a magical place. Sunny year round and designed in a style that has a mid-century vibe, it’s not too glam and not too pretentious as some of Palm Springs’ swankier hotels. I stayed there this weekend and left my heart.

Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: SPORTS

Article: Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: SPORTS

This week on THE GREEN the topic is SPORTS. Most sports have something to do with nature, such as skiing and golf. The accessibility of these sports is mostly dependent on the natural environment. If there has been a warm fall and a warm winter, then chances are, you will not have good snow on…