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Sketches for original Pac-Man

Article: Sketches for original Pac-Man

Remember when the digitally plugged in world freaked out over the playable Pac-Man game on the Google home page? Well, Japanese Toru Iwatani is the man responsible for the original version of Pac Man and he recently showed a few of his concept sketches and blueprints for this legendary game.

Google homepage surprise

Article: Google homepage surprise

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade video game Pac-Man, Google has a surprise on their main homepage. This is currently dominating Twitter’s top trending list. Without spoiling too much, go to and wait a few seconds and let the logo fully load. You’ll get a playable surprise that “packs” quite…

Pac Man Skeleton

Article: Pac Man Skeleton

As a long time video gamer I love this skeletal big-headed structure of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-By Ghosts or Pac-Man. This was built by artist Le Gentil Garçon and paleontologist François EscuiliĂ©. Study in plaster of a complete skeleton of Pac-man, created by extrapolation from a comparative observation of a human skull and different predatory animal skulls. If…

Pac-Man live: Patrick Runte's Photography

Article: Pac-Man live: Patrick Runte's Photography

I don’t speak German so I cannot tell you much about the photographer Patrick Runte. But I did stumble upon his website via Meta Filter and I’m smitten. His live model photographs depicting old video games, like Pac-Man and Tetris, are remarkable and smart. I found a quote of his online discussing the images: The work is…